Dear Friend,

Like many of you I had a serious weight problem. I tried many diets and nothing seemed to work. The South Beach Diet got the weight off (with quite a bit of hassle), but it came right back and then some. That's when I heard about The Medifast Diet. Actually I had heard about it in the 80's when it was only available with a prescription. My Dad lost about 100 lbs. using Medifast and was able to get off all his diabetic medication.

After turning 40 this year, I found myself obese along with high blood pressure and insulin resistance. The doctor told me that I could either lose the weight or he would have to put me on medication. After losing about 25 pounds and then gaining back 35, the doctor gave up and put me on the medications. The only problem is that no matter what the doctors tell you, the medications come with a price.

I just couldn't accept becoming dependant on drugs or using them as a bandaid for a bigger problem that needed to be solved. This is a destructive path that so many Americans go down every day, but I'm just not willing to go with them. Also, the cost of 5 different pills each day was high with insurance, but I can't even imagine how much all those pills would've cost without insurance!

When I started Medifast I weighed 252 lbs. and could barely squeeze into my "fat" clothes. 21 days later I had lost 20 lbs. and the majority of my clothes fit. Since then I have lost even more weight and I'm on track to get all the way down to 180 lbs and keep it there. The beauty is that Medifast has re-taught me how to eat, so I don't go wild and gain the weight back.

I set up to help you and many others find their way to success the same way I did. If it seems like all the links on this site point to the Medifast website, that's because that's where you need to be. So, get your tail over there and order yours now. You'll be glad you did! I'm so thankful I did!

Make sure you get the book too! It will help you understand why you are doing all this. You can do it without the book, but it sure helps and it's only about 16 or 17 bucks.