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Medifast 980

Medifast 980 got it's name from the 980 calories that the diet allows per day. Actually, in some cases, you get up to 1200 calories and still lose weight quickly and easily. Medifast 980 is just a way to refer to the other products like Medifast 55, which is for women, and Medifast 70, which is for Men just to name a few.

Medifast offers prepackaged meals like chili, shakes, bars, drinks and oatmeal just to name a few. All of the guesswork has been taken out of the picture--just add water and go! There are no weekly meetings or support groups that have membership fees. You pay only for the food you need and it's delivered to your front door. This program is so easy to stay on, also, because you're able to eat 6 times a day without getting that starving feeling! Start today and join the thousands of people who are on their way to a new slimmer, healthier body.

Medifast 980 is often mispelled by leaving out the space between medifast and 980. This creates variations of mispellings like medifast980 and medifast980.+com which should be

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