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Medifast Is No Longer A Liquid Protein Diet

Medifast is not just a liquid diet anymore! They have a wide wariety of soups, protein bars, snacks, puddings, chili and drinks to go along with the tasty original shakes. Medifast has come up with some wonderful meals to make meals easy, delicious and varied! The Medifast Diet was formulated by doctors to make this plan safe and easy, so it's a product you can trust.

With 6 meals a day, you never get hungry. You''re eating every 2 - 3 hous, so you feel so satisfied. The Medifast plan offers simplicity--just order your meals and they're delivered to your front door. There is no meal planning, shopping, measuring and cooking involved. You just pick your meal and add water--that's it! You pay only for the food you order--there are no extra charges for memberships or classes--it's so simple and easy!

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