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Medifast is a weightloss program that was developed by doctors, so you know it's safe. Medifast offers over 50 prepackaged complete meals to give you plenty of food choices, so it's easy to lose weight and keep it off. With the 6 meals you're allowed to eat daily, there is no hungry feeling, just being satisified and happy seeing the weight melt off!

The Medifast diet is so easy to use--just order your food online or by phone and begin your new life! Unlike other diets where you have to meal plan, shop, prepare and cook multi-course meals, Medifast offers ease and simplicity! Just pick your meal, add water if needed and enjoy! Each complete prepackaged meal has been formulated to have the recommended daily allowances of carbs, calories, vitamins and minerals to feed your body while losing weight. Come and join the thousands of people who are experiencing a new body and new eating habits!

Some people who are looking for may actually incorrectly spell it as medifast1 . com. Medifast is a diet program designed with busy people in mind. The meals are so easy to prepare--just add water! There is no calorie counting or fat grams to keep track of -- it's all been done by doctors who know how to help people lose weight and keep it off.

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