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Medifast Not Medifest!

Medifest which should really be Medifast is a wonderful diet program developed by doctors to help people lose weight quickly and keep it off. All the guesswork has been taken care of for you. No calorie counting or fat gram inspecting to keep up with. There are so many choices for meals, that you won't ever get bored! Medifast was developed by doctors, so you know you can trust it!

By eating 6 times a day, you are feeding your body all of the correct amounts of carbs, calories, vitamins and mineral while losing weight at the same time! You also don't get that starving feeling, because you're eating frequently and you're satisfied. These meals are easy to fix--just add water if needed and enjoy! This is the simpliest diet you'll ever do! Come join the thousands of people who are losing weight and keeping it off!

When some people are looking for they type by accident. Even though they misspell Medifast, they still end up in the right place to get information about Medifast.

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